How to select folder on a MAC OS Server as storage for Owncloud

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I have a selfcontained Bitnami owncloud app installed and running. It runs on a Mac Mini file Server with an attached thunderbolt HD with a RAID which I use in a small office for project data, which is backed-up dayly. I would like to use the “project” Folder on it with about 100GB as a shared folder for three people to access from the office and from home. I could also use a new empty folder to share and then put the project data inside. But is hat to reside on the RAID.
The MAC OS Server is just a fileserver in the local network. The only addition is now owncloud. there is no HTTP or FTP server running on the machine.

I access Owncloud on the server by localhost:8888
I do not know how to define the storage folder location in Owncloud.
The mac mini runs on MAC OS 10.12. The OS does not support SMB.
May be because of this I get a message in Owncloud in the storage tab: smbclient is not installed, the adding of SMB… mit OC Login is not possible.

(/Users/Shared/Daten Laptop/2 Mail Export/Admin/210326 Bitnami External Storage/210326 1433-48 Owncloud add external storage.jpg)

How can I add a folder on an attached RAID as external storage?

I did not find a way to post this screenshot in the first message

Hi @a.roessner,

Could you ask in the Owncloud community? The issue does not seem related to the Bitnami configuration.


Thanks Michiel,

I did some more research and found out that “external storage” was the wrong approach. What I really want do do is this:
Mount a folder on the mac mini server as a volume in the Bitnami OS X VM and then use it as the data directory of owncloud. This way the data directory could reside on an attached HD of the Mac Mini and and not the OSX System SSD and I could make daily backups of the files in the data directory.
The owncloud data directory should be found here: var/www/owncloud/data
I cannot find it on the mounted OS X VM I cannot fond it in with terminal with: cd var/www/owncloud/data

Can you help me with this:

  1. how to mount a folder on a mac HD as a volume in the Bitnami OS X VM
  2. how to tell owncloud to use this volume for as data directory

I found this by Jota in a different discussion:

“The OS X VM works independently and you will need to manually mount those external drives to it if you want to use them. I can share the regular OS X installer that installs all the components in your computer so you can configure ownCloud to use your external drive when serving apps, will that work for you?”

I also found this:
Are tips for Ubuntu 16.04 /Debian appliccable to the Bitnami OS X VM?
Can I use the terminal commands I found there?

Hi @a.roessner,

Mounting an external drive on the Owncloud VM isn’t supported. I recommend using an installer instead. I can share the download URL with you if needed.


Yes please share a download link for an installer.
I had been looking for that, but could not find it. I am running OSX 10.12 on the Server.

Another Idea: would it be possible to move the whole Bitnami VM (with the data storage, I guess it is in the invisible .Bitnami folder in user/Library on the Mac) to an external drive, it a big thunderbolt Raid. Is that possible?

I was wrong.
I did use the installer, not a VM, sorry about the confusion.
Here is the link where I downloaded Version
Can I mount a Mac folder as a volume in there? How?

Hi @a.roessner,

Sorry for the confusion. Bitnami Owncloud for OSX does not need an external hypervisor like VMware fusion or Virtualbox, but it’s a VM nevertheless. Older versions of Bitnami Owncloud are standalone installers, which install the files directly on your Mac, and which will allow you to use an external disk. The latest version in this format is version 9.1.4-0 and you can download it here:


Best regards,

I have installed the version 9.1.4 with the installer. This went very easy with no problems.

Is there a
Now how do I access the terminal for making changes, like define secure domains and changing the location for storage?
I have the terminal commands but in the Management App there is no button (as it was in the VM) to open the Terminal.
I have found and opened the “use_owncloud” Terminal script / command
It shows the path to owncloud.

Is this the command line Terminal for owncloud? Is it the same as the OSX Terminal?

I did this (with my folder paths)
sudo rsync -avz /var/www/owncloud/data /mnt/owncloud
to copy the user data to the new location.

but then I run into problems:

Enable and Disable Maintenance Mode
It is necessary to enable maintenance mode to avoid running cron jobs. To enable maintenance mode, run the following command.
This did not work:
sudo -u www-data php occ maintenance:mode --on

Error Message: sudo: unknown user: www-data
sudo: unable to initialize policy plugin

Fix Hard-coded Database Path Variables
Open a database command line client to enter database commands and activate your ownCloud database.

use owncloud;

Update the oc_storages Table
Run the SQL below:

UPDATE oc_storages
SET id=‘local::/mnt/owncloud/data/’
WHERE id=‘local::/var/www/owncloud/data/’;

with my file paths:
UPDATE oc_storages
SET id=‘local::/Volumes/Promise_Raid/P_Owncloud_Data/data/’
WHERE id=‘local::/Volumes/Promise_Raid/P_Owncloud_App/apps/owncloud/data/’;

Error messages
UPDATE command not found
SET: Command not found

What am I doing wrong?

Bitnami Apache uses the daemon user instead of www-data.

These are MySQL commands. You need to connect to mysql and then execute them: