How to replace the logo?

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I have a website about hunting. I want to replace its logo. Kindly, guide me.

Hi @emmadavidofficial6

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If you are referring to the logo on your webpage, I am afraid this is out of the scope of this forum. We usually provide support with Bitnami assets, installation, or other related problems, but not to specific code deployed in our stacks.

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Hay @emmadavidofficial6 which type of website you are using i mean WordPress / wix etc. if you are using WordPress then i will guide you best regards

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Hey! I saw your problem and find an answer to you. Check and try this one. Next steps you need to follow.

  1. min Login > **‘Site’
  2. Click ‘Look and Feel’ in the submenu that appears.
  3. Under the ‘Logo’ section, click 'Choose File next to the ‘Upload your own logo to the header’ text, and select your logo image.
    If you need more help, check this one
    I believe, it will help you. Good luck and do your best.