How to reach Local Virtual Machine Bitnami Wordpress Instance from Internet

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Hi, I have installed VM Bitnami WP in my local Server (Win10 pro) and I can not reach it from outsize (Internet), so maybe I missing something.
My Device (Setting)
USG Pro 4 Gateway (ubiquiti) – Port Forwarding Private IP to port 80, 443 (open port)
Disable Network Firwall ( Esed-Nod32) I think is optional but anyway I did it.
…From outsize (internet) put my public IP and I can not establish connection
Do what can I do?
Comment: I can reach my webpage from local using my Private IP and everthing ok, but not from outside (internet)

One athother question about this topic, I have bought my domain at go daddy too, how do I direct traficc to my FQDN if DNS register just accept number and do not Domain Names?

Thank you.

If you can access the app using your private IP address and the port forwarding configuration is set, you should be able to access the app using your public IP address. Please confirm you can also access the app from another device in the same network using the private IP address to see if Windows is blocking that request.

Hi Jota, I have tested, and still do not worked from another device, but I think is missing some setting in vhost config files…I will upload some picture for better undestand for you…

Waiting for your comments… thank you Jota.

You are using a VM, in this case, you should be using a Bridged adapter to connect the VM to the network. If you can access the application using the IP address of the VM, then you need to configure your router to redirect the requests to that IP address, not the one of your Windows machine. Windows should allow that incoming traffic to the VM, please ensure it’s not blocking it.

Hi Jota, could you be more specific how to do that, I just did a normal portforwading in the HostMachine to the VM in router, and still do not work, but I have no clear how to do what your say… thank’s.

@jota I have Manual setting Debain Web Server before and I used to make some setting in vhost files like a share you some picture where used to be changes, I detect are missing, but in Binami stack I do not know if all is auto or need do it by myself, so that is why I comment that above…Do you can tell me about that too?? Maybe that is my issue…about my bridge adapter, is in Hyper V external adapter, so it work simple like another device is network with is own Private IP. (I do port forwarding direct to that Priv. IP and still not working).

Hi @julioaviles ,

We do not provide this kind of support. I gave you a general idea of what to do

  • confirm you opened the ports
  • confirm the windows host machine is not blocking the external requests
  • confirm you can access the VM from inside your network (another computer, a mobile phone, …)
  • then configure the router to forward the requests to the VM’s IP address

If you need help with this, please find someone in your community with the required knowledge to configure this.

Hi @jota , I understand is almost like a job support, but I need some one with bitnami stack experience, can you give a freelance email or whatapp contact to pay for the service (freelance), I really need this local webserver working right now …thank you.

@jota or any interesting forum where to learn and ask about it. thank you.

Hi @julioaviles,

I suggest you ask in to get more information about this.