How to provide sftp and ssh access to developer

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I think I have posted similar thread about this subject matter and there are a few similar threads floating around.

As one still new in server handling, after an extensive amount of trials and errors, I am still unable to figure out the right way to provide sftp and ssh access to external party without giving them full root view.

Establishing ftp connection is not an issue now but assigning the right permissions and access levels have been a struggle to solve. I’ve checked out a few guides here and have followed the steps, none of them is able to limit the access to just the wordpress folder. There are sets of separate instructions in the community forum here but are not recommended by the team.

Every developer, website designer and even content manager request FTP/SSH access to do their work. Do you have an updated compile guide to address situation where we need to provide ftp/ssh access to external party without giving them access beyond Wordpress folder and, more importantly, that is safe to follow?

On a side note, I understand password access is not recommended but isn’t sending over the private key is equally unsafe?


Hi @4WU,

No, we do not have any guide to configure access like that. This is a very specific use case and you will need to adapt the configuration based on your requirements. If you create a new user/group in the instance, please remember that only the bitnami user and the daemon group is allowed to edit the WordPress’ files. You can include that new user in the daemon group so it can only edit the app’s files without having root permissions.

It’s safer if you use a SSH key, but you can use a password if you want.

Thanks @jota!

Following another thread, I tried to add user to daemon group:
sudo usermod -g daemon user1

add the following:
export HOME="/opt/bitnami/wordpress/" to /home/user1/.bashrc

There isn’t any error message, the FTP connection is established, but it doesn’t assign the user to the specified directory as stated.

In addition to that, another noob question, there are three directories to wordpress, which wordpress directory should the user FTP to?

  1. /opt/bitnami/wordpress
  2. /bitnami/wordpress
  3. /home/bitnami/stack/wordpress

Thanks again

That works for a SSH connection, not for a SFTP one. Please take a look at this thread

This is the one you need to use

This is a symlink to the previous one

This one contains some files that are symlinked in the /opt/bitnami/wordpress directory