How to port review board as a tool on the top of normal xampp server

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how to install review board as a tool (like bugzilla) on the top of xampp server so that i can use the both integrated?

Hi @sathiyanarayanan396,

ReviewBoard requires some components that are not included in XAMPP (for example Python). You will need to use 2 separate installation to have ReviewBoard and XAMPP in the same machine.


I have installed both of the tools ,
1.bugzilla under XAMPP (contains Apache, MySQL)
2.reviewboard as powerpack(apache2, MySQL)
Both of the Apache services starts and working fine individualy.
But when I try to start an Apache when the other one is running it crashes.(may be because of the same listening port 80)(I don’t prefer changing ports)
So it’s obvious that with a single underlying Apache and MySQL I have to use these tools
Please help me in porting review board to XAMPP(preferable) or atleast bugzilla to review board power pack
Is there any chat possibility in bitnami account(I’m new to bitnami account) if so it would be of more help to get your support

Hi @sathiyanarayanan396,

As I mentioned, it’s not possible to run ReviewBoard on top of XAMPP or the XAMPP’s Apache. You will need to modify the Apache’s port in any of the installations, this way ReviewBoard will use a different port than XAMPP. After that, you can configure a proxy in XAMPP to serve the ReviewBoard site if you use a specific alias.

Hi @jota
Can i install apache, mysql, php, bugzilla, reviewboard together in linux so that only one instance of apache run in that PC.

Hi @sathiyanarayanan396,

I’m sorry but we do not have any installer that installs all those components at the same time. As I suggested before, you will need to have separate installations and create a proxy in one of those installations to serve the content of the other installation.

Hi @jota,
Thank you very much for the help.
Tried changing the ports
XAMPP apache http port to 8080 from 80
XAMPP apache SSL port to 4430 from 443.
And MySQL port to 3608 from 3606.
Bang!!! You know what, it works.
I can access both the tools.
Is that what you call proxy?
But in this method I can’t install n number of tools as available ports are limited to
8081(I think it’s available)
Please name any way of doing so.
Thank you once again

Hi @sathiyanarayanan396,

To configure a proxy, you will need to configure one of the Apache to redirect some requests to the other Apache. You will have 2 Apaches running in the machine as you have now but one of them will redirect some requests to the other one.

If the tools you are trying to install don’t support your configuration, I suggest you ask the developers of those tools to know what you can do to use a different port.

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