How to make new base htdocs site in Drupal

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Hey, I’m super new to this. I used my only htdocs folder to make another site through a tutorial. But now that I want to make another site I don’t have another base htdocs. I know this is such a beginner level question. But any help would be appreciated.

Hello @yzyasir,

Thanks for using our Drupal solution! The section that explains how to create a virtual host for an application is here:

You can try making a duplicate of Drupal’s files and creating a new virtual host to serve the new htdocs. Keep in mind that you will also need to make changes to the database configuration.

Please note that our Drupal solution was not created having the multi-site configuration in mind. We can only offer support and help on basic and most frequent application configurations. Always based on the default configuration or on our guides.

We suggest you to post your question on the official support forums of the application so others can help you with your configuration.

Francisco de Paz

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