How to keep port forwarding rules the same after quit and restart of owncloud app

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When I setup the port forwarding rules of my owncloud app I get it to work fine.
When I quit the owncloud app and open it again (i.e. when I have to shutdown the iMac ) the port forwarding rules are back to a default setting.

Is there a way to keep the ones I have manually created?

Here are two screenshots:

Default settings after each shutdown / start of the Owncloud APP

8080 is used by the osx server app I do not want to change that.

my desired settings:image

These settings go back to default after a shutdown & restart of the APP.

How can I change that?

Hello @a.roessner,

This is indeed a known limitation of our installers for OS X, as they are not saving that info. I have created an internal task for the development team to work on adding this improvement. Thanks for using our installer and reaching out!

Francisco de Paz

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