How to install older version of Drupal with Bitnami

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Hi I have an old version of Drupal running a current website. I am looking to update the modules and core but cant find information on how to instal older version of drupal on Bitnami. Need to install Drupal 8.6.4 then update and test moduiles etc. Thanks very much for any help you can provide!

Hi @brendano2005,

Do you want a native installer or a VM that includes that version of Drupal? If the former, what OS are you using?

Hi Jota, thannks very much for responding.

I am on Windows 10 (Home edition).

I have the database and all my drupal site files backed up and look to instal to replicate the system locally so I can update modules one by one and core. I can do that in Bitnami yes? Can I copy over the files to replicate my current website then develop. I am happy to try native install or VM - whichever you recommend. Tried to install DrupalVM but had errors regarding NFS.

Thanks very much for your help!

Hi @brendano2005 ,

This is the Windows’ installer for Bitnami Drupal 8.6.4

You can take a look at the official documentation to migrate your data to that new version.

However, we also have this guide that explains how to update Drupal (and only Drupal, not the base components like PHP or Apache)

Thanks very much Jota! I appreciate your help.

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