How to get pdo_sqlite running in WampStack 8.0.6-0 on Windows 10

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Good morning. I’m running Windows 10 with WamStack 8.0.6-0. I’m trying to get PHP’s pdo_sqlite running. I’ve removed the commented out line in php.ini, I’ve uncommented the sqlite3 extension loading, I’ve copied the sqlite3.dll to c:\windows, and restarted wamp server. When I generate phpinfo(), it still only shows pdo_mysql being loaded. What am I forgetting to do?

Hello @Letsche,

Let me reproduce the issue and investigate a fix for this. I’ll come back as soon as I have any findings.

Francisco de Paz

When running the php interpreter from the command line, pdo_sqlite shows up. Through apache, it does not. Is there a version conflict in libraries between the php sqlite and the apache library?

FWIW, I’ve uninstalled 8.0.6-0 and reinstalled, didn’t fix it. Uninstalled it again and installed 7.4.19-0 with reboots of windows along the way. It doesn’t work there, either, which leads me to believe I’m either fundamentally screwing up what should (?) be a simple process, or I have a conflict somewhere else on my windows machine to track down??

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Hello @Letsche,

Sorry about the late response, this thread got lost in my stack. Downloading the .dll file from, you will need to add the following line to php.ini:

extension = sqlite3

After that, add the downloaded .dll file to WAMP’s INSTALLDIR/php/ext folder, being INSTALLDIR the path where you installed the WAMP stack. There are cases where the .dll file needs to be at INSTALLDIR/php instead of the standard path ``INSTALLDIR/php/ext`.

To check whether sqlite3 is loaded, run this command in the command prompt and look for the sqlite3 extension in the list you will get?

php -m

You will first need to load the Bitnami environment

Francisco de Paz