How To get ACME_challenge certificate - entries

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ACME server can not issue a certificate for an IP address - I am facing above issue. I had my old domain hosted on another instance but was having SSL issues, so I created a fresh instance and shifted the website there. Now everything is fine, however, due to SSL implementations, it’s only renewing old SSL, and I don’t have that entry to reuse. Can anyone tell me how to get my ACME Server entries or how to remove my old SSL data entry from a new instance?

Hello @deeptishourya,

Did you find any issue following this documentation to renew the certificates?


Hiii @davidg

I renewed many times and its showing its successfully renewed, When we will open our domain home page and some internal pages are working with SSL but some url showing path or server.

@davidg Please see this :


My internal pages creating problem and some are working fine. I am again and again getting email reminder for SSL expire and renewal requirement.

Hi @deeptishourya,

I can see your certificate is valid till March 30th

However, in the screenshots you shared, we can see you used the AWS domain to access your site and that’s why you are getting certificate errors in the browser, because that domain is not valid for the certificate. I just accessed the qisocafe and all links were properly configured and I didn’t have any problem. I accessed the main site and the contact-us page for example and they both used the correct domain and the certificate.