How to fix the issue of plain text password in the logs

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I am using bitnami 9.0.45 to deploy our containerized application onto kubernetes. This web app connects to a remote database, and the credentials for the same are defined in the config map and the secrets as the variables and the values are set in the helm values.yaml. I am deploying the containerized app through the Gitlab CI, wherein after the successful deployment I can see the DB password in the plaintext in the console logs, whereas we have set DB password to be base 64 encoded on the gitlab CI, upon deployment it just shows the plain text password but not the base 64enc, which is a security issue for the organization. Please advise how to solve this ?

@jcarmona , can you please advise on this, I don’t find much help from the documentation. I really appreciate your time on this .

Hi @mohidmajestic75,

We provide technical support for our containers and charts in our Github repositories. Our team is actively monitoring them and will be glad to help you there, usually within a business day, and the whole community will benefit from your contribution. Could you please post your question by creating a new issue in the Charts repo?


Hello @jota,

Thanks for the response. Thanks for updating to post on the right place, i will go ahead and post my query there.


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