How to Fix Server After Update // Creating Backup with Duplicator Pro

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I just updated my WordPress Multisite to 6.0, along with the Duplicator Pro plugin.

As I was making a backup, the site crashed and nothing on the multsite will load.

When I log in to Google Cloud, the graph showing “CPU %” is hitting 100% (which would normally fluctuate around 22%).

I’ve tried to log in to SSH, but I get the following error: “Unable to connect to SSH server…”

Any ideas how to debug/get the server to stop overloading?


Hi @gednav,

Can you reboot the machine using the GCE console? And then try to log in using SSH?


Hey @michiel,

How do I reboot the machine?

I’ve ended up using a week old backup and booted up a new server/instance to avoid my sites staying down for too long.

Hi @gednav,

You can find more information here:


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