How to find elasticsearch.yml file on Bitnami ARM in Azure Portal?

Keywords: ELK - Microsoft Azure - Technical issue - Secure Connections (SSL/HTTPS)
I using your ARM iso in Azure Marketplace. And I can’t ping 9200 port from another VM in one general network. I can ping 5601 port, but ping 9200 not working. Please, provide me how I can allow connection with 9200 port from another vm in the same VNet

I need to find elasticsearch.yml file on Bitnami Elasticsearch ARM in Azure Portal. Where is it located?

Hi @roman.pavliuk,

Thanks for using Bitnami. I already replied on your other thread. Please avoid opening multiple threads for the same topic.

For now I cant connect to ELK 9200 from private network 10.0.0… another VM. Do I need to add some rules into ELK VM for that?

Hi @roman.pavliuk,

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