How to Enable RDP/SSH File Transfer Over Guacamole

Keywords: Apache Guacamole - Virtual Machines - Technical issue - Connectivity (SSH/FTP)
With Guacamole, it that possible to transfer files between the remote systems and the local systems?

What are the step by step or guide that can refer

Hi @chewkheng,

Could you check this guide

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Hi, thanks for the replied, the solution that I’m finding is is for client side transfer the file from local to remote or the another way round.

I had find this but the directory mentioned is unable to find. Any idea on this?

other thing is how to map the remote side drive to guacamole client side as per refer.

Exp: remote side have a drive may location on E:/customer/ and on guacamole will show the drive on client access page.

Hi @chewkheng,

The user-mapping.xml file is not created by default in our installations. According to the official documentation, it needs to be placed inside the GUACAMOLE_HOME directory. That directory is /opt/bitnami/guacamole in our installations.

Please try to create the user-mapping.xml file with the required configuration and restart the services. Remember that you can also access the admin dashboard of the application and configure the SFTP there


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How do we map the drive between the remote side to the location/directory that we want and different user are only able to see the file that belong to them?

Hi @chewkheng,

that’s a specific question about the app’s configuration. Can you ask it to the app’s developers so you know how to proceed when configuring the application?


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