How to enable imagick PHP extension on LAMP Linux installer?

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Before I was using LAMP 7.4.5-2 Linux installer and the imagick PHP extension was enabled by default but after installing LAMP Linux installer package the extension is missing.

I also opened this file php/etc/php.ini to uncomment extension=imagick
but I didn’t find this line.

Please advice

@davidg Could you please help me with this?

Hi @gonzela2006,

Thanks for your message. We don’t include the imagick extension for LAMP 8 installers because it wasn’t supported at the time we initially released the stack. We found there is a newer version supporting PHP 8 officially, so we notified our engineering team for them to include it in the LAMP stack.

We will post any update here.


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Hi @gongomgra
Woow, Many thanks for your prompt reply. I’m waiting for your update.

Hi @gonzela2006,

We released a new revision of our LAMP installers including the updated imagick version. Can you download the new revision from our website and let us know if it works for you now?

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Hi @gongomgra
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The new release now includes the PHP Imagick extension.

Out of topic question:
I hope you consider releasing the LEMP Linux installer again because it is considered a popular package.

Thanks again

Hello @gonzela2006,

Thanks for the kind words, I’ll translate them to @gongomgra, as he is on PTO this week :smiley:

Regarding the LEMP (NGINX) Linux stack, we currently do not plan on retaking its support, though it is something that could be discussed internally if sufficient interest is shown in it.

Francisco de Paz

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