How to downgrade PHP 8.0.2 to PHP 7.3?

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I have trouble with timout errors. It seems because of PHP 8.0.2 version. I need to downgrade PHP 7.3 . However I didn’t found Bitnami WAMP for just PHP 7.3 file on your site. Can you provide to me for just PHP 7.3 file for Bitnami WAMP ? I need just PHP 7.3 file not whole install file. I already have whole install file.

Thank you.

Hi @suyo571oner,

Please note that Bitnami Stacks are completely self-contained and run independently of the rest of the software or libraries installed on your system. For that reason, it is not possible to upgrade/downgrade one component of the stack (in this case PHP).

You need to downgrade de full stack and then restore your files. You should install the latest version of WAMP 7.3 and then migrate your data there. Note that, apart from PHP 7.3, this stack contains the same version of the rest of the components (Apache, MySQL…)

I hope it helps

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