How to create Bitnami Elastic search cluster using azure terraform

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Is there any way to create bitnami elastic search cluster in azure terraform? If yes then please provide me a solution.


Thanks for your interest in using Bitnami. We already provide a Multi-tier solution for the Azure cloud that you can check in the next links

Would that work for you? If you still need to use Terraform, we recommend you to follow the official guides from the Azure documentation.

Hi @gongomgra,

I need to deploy Bitnami ES cluster using terraform only as I am going create whole Infrastructure using azure terraform so please provide me specific way to create Bitnami ES cluster using terraform.

Reg - Azure official documentation
which document i need to follow for that?



Unfortunately, we do not have any guide for using our images with Terraform in Azure, but I think you would be able to use them. Please find the official docs on how to use Azure Terraform in the link below

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