How to connect, view and run queries on my database?

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I am using the Bitnami Wordpress Multisite on AWS. And my web server is Route53. Ideally in order to access database, I would use the phpMyAdmin on my domain server.

But in this case how do I login to my database, view and edit stuff? Kindly suggest


Hello @ananddevops,

This guide explains how to access PhpMyAdmin:

Alternatively, you can connect your instance via SSH and connect to Mariadb.

I hope it helps

@davidg I used the first guide and it works perfectly. I was able to to connect to phpMyAdmin fine enough. I shall try the second method too.

In the mean while,

  • I wanted to check is the database password the same as the application password?
  • Also is there a tool using which I connect to the MariaDB instance? Something like Toad.
  • I already have the username and password, what would be the DB name in those cases?
  • Or can I use the same SSH method using my private key?


Hello @ananddevops,

Yes, the password for root and for the app are the same.

You should be able to use it if you want.

The default name for the DB is bitnami_wordpress

This guide may help:


Thank you @davidg for all the solutions and support.

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