How to configure inbound email (IMAP)

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I found a lot of descriptions, how to configure outgoing email for OpenProject coming from Bitnami. Also one of Bitnami itself. But not a single one how to configure incoming email via IMAP. The documentation OpenProject has here - doesn’t help me…

Could someone here help me out?

Hello @michael3,

Thanks for using our solution! We try to offer guides on the most common configuration requirements of our users but it is impossible to cover every use case. From our documentation, you can execute rake commands using:

RAILS_ENV="production" bundle exec rake COMMAND

Francisco de Paz

Thank you a lot - there was no offence from me - sorry if my bad English let it seem like that…

If I test the command you gave me in the folder “htdocs” in the openproject folder combined with the command from the OpenProject documentation (and real IMAP data) I got errors:

Rails Error: Unable to access log file. Please ensure that /opt/bitnami/apps/openproject/htdocs/log/pr
oduction.log exists and is writable (ie, make it writable for user and group: chmod 0664 /opt/bitnami/
apps/openproject/htdocs/log/production.log). The log level has been raised to WARN and the output dire
cted to STDERR until the problem is fixed.
rake aborted!
Errno::EACCES: Permission denied @ dir_s_mkdir - /opt/bitnami/apps/openproject/htdocs/tmp/cache/DBC/2C

Any idea?


And I have tried to make it writeable exactly as it is written there.

Hi @michael3,

Could you try running the command as root like the following:

RAILS_ENV="production" sudo bundle exec rake COMMAND

If it gives the same error, could you please share the output of this command:

ls /opt/bitnami/apps/openproject/htdocs/log/production.log -la

Francisco de Paz

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