How to completely remove Odoo 11 and install Odoo 14?

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The issue that I’m having is that I have removed the Bitnami Odoo V11 stack by simply removing Odoo from the Applications folder, and then I downloaded and installed the Bitnami Odoo V14 stack.

When I try to open Odoo, it opens a window where I can see Odoo: General, Services, Network, Volumes, Log etc…
When I click start, nothing happens, also the services don’t start, Go to application, blank page. So when I click on Open Terminal, I realize that it’s still trying to open Odoo V11.

How do I completely remove Odoo V11 and install Odoo V14?

This is what the Terminal looks like when I open the Odoo V14 installation. Why does it say Welcome to the Bitnami Odoo 11… version?

Can someone please provide me with the Odoo 11 OS X installer? Perhaps I can install it again, then uninstall it?

Hi @innovo3d

Thanks for using Bitnami Odoo!

In order to delete all the data from your previous installation you must follow this guide:

You are missing the last step, which is to delete the ~/.bitnami folder:

$ rm -rf ~/.bitnami folder 

Beware that this operation cannot be undone.

Best regards,
Jose Antonio Carmona

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