How to add Apple Pay via Stripe On WordPress Multisite?

Keywords: WordPress Multisite - AWS - How to - Permissions


I have a WordPress multisite on AWS Lightsail. I am using stripe. But when I try to enable Apple Pay for my site and list my domain this following failure happens:

We attempted to retrieve the file at, but received a 404 status code from your server. Please check that the file is hosted correctly. Note that our servers most likely send different HTTP headers than your browser; you should check your logs to see why the request failed. For more information, see

Can you please help? Thanks.

Hello @reyad,

Thank you for creating this ticket in the forum, however, this is not a “How to” question, this is a technical issue with the services inside the Bitnami WordPress solution. Please create a new ticket in the forum using the “Technical issue” option when clicking on “+ New Topic”. That way, we can check your current Apache configuration and debug the issue from there.

If you get any errors adding the bnsupport ticket ID when creating a “Technical issue” topic, please upgrade our bnsupport-tool. To do so, please download the latest version and run again the tool for it to generate a new ID.

Francisco de Paz