How to Add a React App to my Wordpress site on AWS

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I’m running a “WordPress Production-Ready Certified by Bitnami” stack on AWS.

Currently, I have a working Wordpress site.

I wanted to add a React App to my site, and place it here:

Can somebody please help and let me know how I can do this? Are there any wordpress plugins or instructions on bitnami of how I can do this?

Any help is greatly appreciated - thank you!

Coincidently I’m trying to do this with virtual hosts

but running into one issue

I can share once I have it working

I finished and posted my steps in my thread

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Hello @colo,

As @tom.hosiawa said, you will need to configure your second app using virtual hosts. You can check how to configure it in the linked guide and thread. Also, the following guide and thread may help you configure Apache to serve your react app in a domain subdirectory:

Francisco de Paz