How to access sub-sites of my wordpress multisites with ~.XIP.IO, which are now inaccessible?

Keywords: WordPress Multisite - AWS - How to - Domain Name (DNS)

I was not visiting my wordpress multi-sites for a while. In the meantime, XIP.IO became not to work, which I have found later.

Now I can not access my subdomain sites except for the main site, because I’ve searched information for the issue and I managed chainging the address of the main site to a ~.NIP.IO.

However, I could not find a way to change other sub-sites with ~.XIP IO. So I can not even access(visit and view) the blog and the admin dashboard.

How can I change the addresses of sub-sites of ~.XIP IO?

If I can’t restore the sites, I want to backup the DB and restore it somewhere else. How can I do that?

Hi @junonc,

If you can access the main site and the admin dashboard, you should be able to set the domain of the subdomains there.

You can also modify your hosts file locally and point to the instance’s IP address. That way, you should be able to access the site and modify the information if needed.

Happy to help!

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Thanks jota,

I’ve already read the first link multiple times, but it says only about adding a new subdomain, not changing existing subsites’ domains.

Do I need my own domain other than X/ I’m confused a bit.

Thank you,

Hi @junonc,

If you can access the admin dashboard, you should be able to edit the domains of the subsites to use a subdomain of a domain you own or the domain (same than but using

If you can’t access the admin dashboard, you can edit the hosts file of your local computer and “tell” your computer what IP to use when using any of the domains of your subsites.

I hope this is clear now.

Happy to help!

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My dashboard doesn’t look like the images from the page of the first link. I only have an ‘add new’ button but no domain editing button. On my dashboard - My Sites page, I can change the primary site, and [ Visit | Dashboard ] links for each subsite. Maybe mine is a different version or so.

I tried to edit the hosts file of my AWS machine but it didn’t work, too.
/etc/hosts file was created, and I put it like this;

sub. nip. io [tab] sub. xip. io

There was no response when I visited the latter address through a web browser.

Aren’t there really ways to get them back? It’s very frustrating…

Thanks anyway,

Hi @junonc,

Thanks for your message. The hosts file modifications to access your WordPress dashboard that Jota mentioned should be done in your local computer or laptop. This way, every time your browser needs to check the IP address associated to, it will get it from that file. Let us know if it worked for you.

Apart from that, can you run the next commands on your server’s SSH console and share the output with us? It will prompt you for the value of the DB_PASSWORD setting in your wp-config.php file. We would like to check the values in the database, just in case it is needed to update them as well

sudo mysql -u bn_wordpress -p -e "USE bitnami_wordpress; SELECT option_name,option_value FROM wp_options WHERE option_name='siteurl' OR option_name='home';"

sudo mysql -u bn_wordpress -p -e "USE bitnami_wordpress; SELECT domain FROM wp_blogs WHERE blog_id = '1';"

Hi, @gongomgra,

I’ve just modified my laptop’s hosts file as HowToGeek instructs, but it doesn’t work. Just the same messages: fail to connect, no response.

I exported xml data from all the subsites on CLI mode.
I don’t know why/how wp export could understand sub.x.x.x.x xip io and exported all the posts properly as an xml file, but luckly I’ve got it. Remaining problem is getting attached img files. I’m thinking of thowing them away with all these things because I’m too tired…

Anyway, thanks for caring,

Hi @junonc,

I’m afraid I don’t know why the wp-cli tool doesn’t fail, but I understand it works because it is launched from the same server and it gets the information from the database directly.

Can you provide us with the result for the commands we asked to run? It will help us to better understand your issue and try to help with it