How I scan my site with word fence i found some skip files?

Type: Suggestion

as you all might know that recently wordfence investigate that those sites which are using wp file manager are at greater risk of hacking.

after checking this article i install my wp file manager immediately and start scanning my websites with wordfence but at the end of the scanning i found few files are not scanned as wordfence notified me, i am really scared because my 2 sites ( are hosted at the same hosting, if that files or scripts have malware, then hackers surely try to hack my both sites.
things I am using for security
that’s it, I have never used any nulled plugin or theme wp file manager were free version.
Please suggest me guys to improve the security of my site i don’t want to lose my hard work on years.


Hi @sophia-ava,

I recommend the following guide for securing WordPress:

Also, I suggest you ask in the official WordPress community. They may have more information regarding securing your website optimally: