How I can get the Tomcat Stack Previous Version 8.5.41-0

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I need to implement a site with PHP 7.1, MySQL 5.7, Apache 2.4.39, Tomcat 8, for that reason I need the Tomcat Stack 8.5.41-0, but I can not find it to download it, the only one I find is 8.5.42 but This is too updated for my needs … where can I find it to download it in both 32bit and 64bit? Thank you.

Hi @comeradm,

We don’t support 32bits installers anymore. Find Tomcat Stack 8.5.41-0 64b installer below:


Hi David, thanks for the installer, it’s good for 64bits, unfortunately what I did not say in my message is that I need it for Windows. Sorry. Can you send me that installer ?, I try to look for it in the link that you sent me but the page gives me a 404. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi @comeradm,

No problem. Find it below:

Also, find our latest 32b installer:


Thanks David, now I have both. I appreciate your great help.
I can’t find an option to close this topic, maybe you can close it for me. Thanks again.

You are welcome @comeradm,

Don’t worry about this. For your information, there is an option to mark a comment as the solution. Just click on the ... symbol and click on the symbol.


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