How do I use in my bitnami server?

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I was trying to install in my bitnami server. But when I follow the instruction, it gives me error in the following

Cloning branch: master into destination folder: bearhand
git clone --depth 1 -bmaster “bearhand”
fatal: could not create work tree dir ‘bearhand’: Permission denied

Is it possible to use in bitnami? Please share tutorial

Hi @transfertocsu0512,

Could you please give us more information about your issue? What operating system are you using? Inside what Bitnami stack are you trying to clone the repository? In which directory? According to the keywords in your post, I understand you are using Windows, but the “Permission denied” error is common of Linux platforms.

Apart from that, we also have a MEAN stack shipping the next components among others:

  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • Angular
  • Node.js
  • Git
  • PHP
  • RockMongo

You can get more information about the Bitnami MEAN Stack in the links below

Hope it helps,

Hi @gongomgra , sorry for lacking information. So recently, I was trying to deploy a MEAN App to Amazon aws. For the instance, I am using “MEAN Certified by Bitnami” in aws market. Later, I follow this tutorial,
After reading it, I assume that for running the code, just clone the repository from github and run it in in server. So I thought this can also works if I clone open source code to my github account and clone those source code to my server and run it. But later, when I follow the install instruction, it gives me this

Hi @transfertocsu0512,

Could you please tell us what is that “mean” command shown in your screenshot. Also, as mentioned in the tutorial that you are using, you have to add sudo at the beginning of your command to run the command with higher privileges in the /opt/bitnami/apps directory. After that, you can run the command below to set bitnami as the owner of the created directory so you don’t need to run commands with sudo inside this directory.

sudo chown -R bitnami:bitnami /opt/bitnami/apps/DIRECTORY

Replace the DIRECTORY placeholder with your desired one.

Best regards,

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