How do I Forward Ports to Make My Website Public?

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I am working on hosting my first website and need support with making it public. As of now, I have my domain name configured and can access my website on my computer through the domain name. However, I cannot access it on other devices.

Online I heard the only solution to this issue is to forward the ports via WLAN settings for your Wi-Fi router. Unfortunately, this did not work even with double checking and refreshing the ports (changing both the ports on the server and router forward ports settings to double-check). I contacted both my domain name provider and internet service. They refused to provide me a solution.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


P.S.: I have dug very deep into the code logs, so if you need to know any specific information on the issue, let me know.

Hi @thecoolgeek,

Are you planning to host a website from your home or office? If not I recommend using a hosting service like AWS or Google.


Thank you for the reply :smiley:

I want to host my website and make it public from my home server that I have on my computer using Apache WAMP from Bitnami.

Hi @thecoolgeek,

I’m afraid that’s beyond the scope of this forum. However, I found the following article that could help you further:


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