How do I create a new database and then import from a .sql file? Online bitnami guide page is missing!

Keywords: LAMP/MAMP/WAMP - Virtual Machines - How to - Services (Apache, MariaDB, MySQL…)

I have installed WAMP on Windows 10 to setup a local test instance of my live site. I have copied my application files to the local server location and confirmed they load at localhost/[application]. I now want to create a mySQL/MariaDB database and import from a .sql file dump of my live DB, but I can’t find instructions. phpMyAdmin asks me to login with a username and password that I don’t have because I’ve not set anything up yet. The link referred to here ( does not exist. How do I create a new database and then import my data from my .sql file?

Hi @jackie.gribbon,

The following guide explains it:


Thank you. It’s a pity these instructions imply that they are relevant only to AWS and Wordpress, so I didn’t find them, and it is still the case that the LAMP/WAMP link to instructions is broken.
Having struggled to find answers and support for this and some other issues, I have now given up on Bitnami, deleted it and installed Wampserver instead, which is a breeze to install and setup, with excellent instructions. So thanks again for your reply, but it came too late.