How do I access my site?

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Hi there! Like other Apple users I’m currently locked out of Bitnami and have been getting this error: Error starting “Trac” stack: cannot calculate MAC address: hv_vm_create unknown error -85377023. In another thread the moderator explained that the team is working on addressing this issue, but in the mean time I want to know if there’s another way I can access my files?

No there’s not another way to access your files. You will have to wait until this issue is resolved. Thanks :blush:!

Hi @Katie,

As @EmmaLauren123 mentioned (thanks for your help!), our engineering team is working on a fix for this issue and they are trying to solve it as soon as possible. We don’t know of any workaround at this moment for this issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi everyone,

We just uploaded a testing file to fix this problem when starting the Bitnami OS X VMs. Please take a look at the information in this other post.

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