How can we create a new database and username in the new Bitnami LAMP server

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we have deployed a new Bitnami LAMP server from amazon cloud, and we found that bitnami has changed the database server to MariaDB instead of MYSQL.

now how can we connect to the database server, create new database, new users, etc…??? and when I tried to connect to the test database from MYSQL workbench is connect but shows a notification that it is not supporting as in below screenshot!

Hi @ghina.altal,

Thanks for your message. Can you check if you are using the latest version of the MySQL Workbench program or if there is any minimum version required in order to connect to the latest MariaDB version using that tool? Please note we highly recommend you to only use tools that are officially supported in order to avoid undesired errors.

I downloaded the latest MySQL Workbench version and tried to connect with it. When testing the connection, a warning is shown. Did you get it?

If I continue with the connection process, I get the same window you get, but I can perform basic actions like creating a database after clicking the “Continue anyway” button. However, note we do not recommend you to continue using MySQL Workbench if it isn’t officially supported. Please contact the MariaDB or the MySQL Workbench support team for more information on this.

In the meantime, you can connect to the MariaDB database and create a new database (or run any other SQL command you need to) using the mysql command-line tool from your server SSH session as explained in the link below

@gongomgra thanks for your quick reply.

but what is other program that support opening MariaDB without such errors?
I mean is there any available client programs like MySQL Workbench that support MariaDB?

as I am not expert in database and prefer not to use the command line as an option!

why bitnami changes mysql to MariaDB?

please I need a quick solution for that

Hi @ghina.altal,

Thanks for your message. You can use phpMyAdmin in order to connect with your MariaDB database as mentioned in our guide below

Apart from that, I found some alternatives in the MariaDB knowledge base that I’m linking here

You can also ask for more information regarding those tools in the official MariaDB forums

About MySQL Workbench, there is an official page for that in the MariaDB docs that you can also check for further reference

Regarding our solutions using MariaDB instead of MySQL, we decided to standardize on MariaDB instead of MySQL, in order for Bitnami cloud images to be more consistent with Bitnami container solutions.

Note that you should not see any major differences in terms of functionality between both databases.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

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