How can i access www in tomcat server instance created using google cloud platform

I created a bitnami tomcat instance in google cloud platform! I Need to run java application on this server. While I also need to run PHP files on this server! I found that PHP is installed! But where could I add this files? I see a htdocs folder! but when after adding a file there, How can I access it? When I run the IP it automatically runs the web apps folder!!

Hello @karthikcp007

The Bitnami Tomcat cloud image ships an Apache Tomcat server serving content behind an Apache Http Server acting as a proxy.

The whole stack is configured to serve content from Tomcat and webapps folder, but it can be configured to also serve content directly from the main Apache server.

There are two ways of serving new content:

  • Using a prefix (yourserver/your_new_application)
  • Using a virtual host (your_new_application.yourserver)

Although this is not a common use of Tomcat Stack, we certainly can help you with the configuration.
The easiest way is to setup a virtual host. Follow our official documentation on how to setup a virtual host in Bitnami Apache for a step-by-step guide :slight_smile:


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