/home/bitnami/apps/resourcespace/htdocs/include/config.default.php:NO space left on device

From last some days we are unable to work on Bitnami Resourcespace software which is purchase from AWS marketplace.
When i checked throughly this problem then i changed in the config.default.php file about the storage size, Its prompt a message ‘There is no Space’, after save that file size is showing 0KB. But i have purchased xlarge server on Amazone. so please let me know how can i rectify this problem ASAP.

Error Show:-scp/home/bitnami/apps/resourcespace/htdocs/include/config.default.php:NO space left on device

Hi @sachin_verma9,

What was the original issue? What changes have you applied to your /home/bitnami/apps/resourcespace/htdocs/include/config.default.php file?
By default, ResourceSpace needs 10GB to upload files. You could check it executing df -h. You could try to set $disk_quota_limit_size_warning_noupload=5;


Dear Sir actually config.default.php file size automatically show zero when i uploaded new file it is convert automatically zero.I am unable to write on this config file.
How can resolve this issue i don’t understand.
Help me…

Hi @sachin_verma9,

You need to access your server via SSH and edit your /opt/bitnami//apps/resourcespace/htdocs/include/config.default.php. For that, follow the guides below:

Apart from that, you could execute df -h to check your free space.

I hope it helps.

Sir i have attached error print screen for your consideration,Please check that and tell me how can increase size on AWS server and resolve this problem…

Hi @sachin_verma9,

You have 0% space available, so you should remove something if you want to do any upload.