Heroku: Waiting for login... JSONError: Unexpected end of JSON input while parsing near ' '

Keywords: Jenkins - Google Cloud Platform - Technical issue - Connectivity (SSH/FTP)
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Trying to authenticate a git repository at heroku in order to use it with jenkins. I followed the guide at https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/git#http-git-authentication however when I type heroku login I’m getting a JSONError

heroku: Waiting for login… !
JSONError: Unexpected end of JSON input while parsing near ’ ’
at module.exports (/usr/local/lib/heroku/node_modules/parse-json/index.js:26:19)
at HTTP._parse (/usr/local/lib/heroku/node_modules/@heroku-cli/plugin-auth/node_modules/http-call/lib/http.js:343:25)

Heroku is installed at /usr/local/bin/heroku

how to proceed?

Hi @jacobwestman, first of all I believe this is unrelated to Bitnami configuration, instead it seems more specific to the Heroku CLI tool.

In any case, as per this StackOverflow case, it seems you should be using “heroku login --interactive”: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55874811/heroku-login-jsonerror-unexpected-end-of-json-input-while-parsing-near

Hope it works!

Thank you Marcos! It works!

Hi @jacobwestman,

Thanks for the info. I’m glad you managed to solve your issue! :slight_smile: We will close this thread as solved. Please do not hesitate to ask any other question you may have.

Best regards,