Help! Testlink 1.9.20 DB Access Error

Keywords: TestLink - Windows - Technical issue - Other
Errors in the test run
DB Access Error - debug_print_backtrace() OUTPUT START
ATTENTION: Enabling more debug info will produce path disclosure weakness (CWE-200)
Having this additional Information could be useful for reporting
issue to development TEAM.
#0 database->exec_query() called at [/opt/bitnami/testlink/lib/functions/database.class.php:641]
#1 database->fetchRowsIntoMap() called at [/opt/bitnami/testlink/lib/functions/testcase.class.php:9221]
#2 testcase->getStepsPartialExec() called at [/opt/bitnami/testlink/lib/execute/execSetResults.php:387]

Hello @www.vadim87,

Could you please take a look at these 2 previous similar cases?

I hope it helps