Grant 'Bitnami'-User more permissions

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We use a ResourceSpace instance of Bitnami via AWS EC2, which we would like to backup via “Active Backup for Server” from Synology.
The problem is that we can create the SSH access with a. pem key and the "Bitnami"user, but the backup cannot transfer all data due to missing permissions, so for example the mysql databases of resourcespace are not transferred (which we don’t have access to via SFTP, this is only possible via the PhpmyAdmin client).

The question is, is it possible to give the "Bitnami"user more rights, so that he gets access to the data and we can make a clean backup?

We would like to mention that we are already making AWS snapshots, but we would still like to have a backup directly on our servers. So if someone knows a way to download AWS-Snapshots would be helpful.


It may not be the best choice, but what you could do is add bitnami to the following groups: daemon, mysql. Example:

sudo gpasswd -a bitnami daemon

Note: This is not the best option in terms of security, but it would fit your needs.

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