"Go to application" in the meny not working, can't access my "website", possibly a server issue

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I am new to both wordpress and bitnami and my knowledge about servers and the various issues are limited. I downloaded wordpress through bitnami on my computer running windows 10, I updated my computer and afterwards I was unable to access my “site” worth noting is that I run it locally. When I check the VM installer’s server manger that space is entirely blank this makes me think that it could be some issues with the server. Neither “go to application”, “open phpmyadmin”, “open application folder” or “get support” works when I click on them. I don’t know how to solve this and again I am new to this so I have limited knowledge please help me.

Hi @Newtobitnami,

Thanks for using Bitnami. I reviewed your bndiagnostic bundle and I see there isn’t any Bitnami service installed on your computer. Did you get any error during the installation process? Can you open the Bitnami console as explained in the guide linked below and run the next command to manually install the services again?

serviceinstall.bat INSTALL

Take into account that the capital letters above are required.

I also see the Apache configuration is ok, and that Apache shouldn’t have any problem to get started, so I think manually installing the services may fix your issue.

Check the Apache configuration
Running: .\httpd.exe -t
In: C:/Users/Admin/Desktop/Word\apache2\bin

Syntax OK