Gnome drops to terminal on login

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I just loaded the VirtualBox/Debian Lamp stack, enabled SSH, then added gnome from here, at boot I see a nice window and a login, first entry it drops down to terminal.

Hi @simon_mag,

Thanks for using Bitnami. I’m afraid I couldn’t reproduce your issue. I downloaded the latest LAMP virtual machine, logged into it, changed my user password on first login (it takes a bit to initialize the virtual machine), and then I installed the gnome-core package as mentioned in our guide. After a restart of the machine, I was able to login to the desktop environment.

Which version of the LAMP virtual-machine are you using? Can you try to install the

Thanks for having a look - I found the problem - memory. I was being too mean with it.
I upped it to 4GB and its loading. Thanks.

Sorry, spoke too soon. I’ve upped the memory to 8gb and upped the video RAM to 64mb, but its still dropping back to the terminal.

Well I just did a delete and made a new one which seems better.

I keep thinking I’ve solved it…but it seems really fragile, gnome drops into the terminal all the time…is this logged anywhere?

Hi @simon_mag,

If there is any error, it should be recorded in the system’s log (/var/log/syslog). Could you please take a look it?


Thanks for that. I didn’t see much in the logs.
I wiped and tried again with a couple of other GUI packages listed on the Debian site and I’ve ended up with Xfce which so far seems completely stable.

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