Getting this error: POST 500 (Internal Server Error)

Keywords: WordPress - AWS - Technical issue - Other

bndiagnostic ID: 49cbe392-d5c2-8782-4dc6-4339d487b22c

bndiagnostic output:

? Apache: Found possible issues
? Resources: Found possible issues

bndiagnostic failure reason: I do not know how to perform the changes explained in the documentation

There is a form on the front page of my website that has suddenly started hanging. You can see it at:

I can see the error in the title using the dev tools in the browser. If I refresh the page once or twice the error usually goes away the form is fine.

Hi @adam6,

According to the bndiagnostic tool, the machine is low on resources and there are many requests from the same IP addresses which can indicate a bot attack. The following guides will be helpful:


Thanks, Michiel!

I don’t think either of those are the problem. There are only a few hundred hits from the top IP addresses and the majority are from me. I loaded the site onto a server with the twice the resources (I use Lightsail) and it didn’t fix the problem.

What about the pagespeed issue? Should I disable pagespeed?



Hi @adam6,

Could you try it?


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