Get a vulnerable version of moodle. 3.11+ (Build: 20210611)

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I need the exact version of moodle for debian. As I know, it has a vulnerability with XSS in SVG. I need to show it for educational purposes.

Hi @hellbird234,

Instead of the build number could you give the minor version? 3.11.x


Hi @michiel,
I’m not sure, but I think this vulnerability was only in this particular build. The version file of this machine contains these lines:

$version  = 2021051700.06;              // 20210517      = branching date YYYYMMDD - do not modify!
                                        //         RR    = release increments - 00 in DEV branches.
                                        //           .XX = incremental changes.
$release  = '3.11+ (Build: 20210611)';// Human-friendly version name
$branch   = '311';                      // This version's branch.
$maturity = MATURITY_STABLE;

If the full version is 2021051700.06 it may be 3.11, according to documentation. I would appreciate any help and additional information about this vulnerable version, but I think it should be 3.11.

Hi @hellbird234,

Can you try this version:



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