Generation of log files only works if --set postgresqlImage.debug=true is set

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I have a general postgresql-ha setup issue, using the following command.

helm install $deployname bitnami/postgresql-ha --set postgresql.configurationCM=postgres --set postgresqlImage.debug=false

I have noticed that the log entries from the postgres-postgresql-ha-postgresql-0 and 1 are completely missing. However if I enable the --set postgresqlImage.debug=true flag to true. The logs are written correctly. This can be verified using the kubectl logs postgres-postgresql-ha-postgresql-0 command. if the debug flag is set to true, only messages from the replication manager is shown.

My assumption would be that reading log files from postgresql should not require the debug=true flag to be set, is this the correct expected behavior? or is there a bug or something i have missed?. If so, what would be the correct approach to extract logs from postgresql using the bitnami helm chart?

Hi @jebru,

We handle questions regarding our Helm charts on Github. Could you ask your question there?


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