Generate A Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate - domain & Bitnami IP

Thanks for these great instructions:
Problem with: “NOTE: Before proceeding with this step, ensure that your domain name points to the public IP address of the Bitnami application host.”
My domain name points to an IP at Cloudways since that is my main application. That application connects to the Bitnami IP since it stores data in couchdb. So no domain name points to the public IP address of the Bitnami application host. How do I proceed? Thanks

Note, my domain and Cloudways IP are stored at dnsmadeeasy, with “A Records” and Name Servers assigned to the domain.

Silly me, I used a domain I had at AWS and connected it to my IP address. Then tested at “Check response from Route 53”

Then I continued and so far it looks good when I entered:
sudo lego --email=“EMAIL-ADDRESS” --domains=“DOMAIN” --domains=“www.DOMAIN” --path="/etc/lego" run

Not quite there. I get “Error 400 - urn:ietf:params:acme:error:dns - DNS problem: SERVFAIL looking up A for”, same for,
My guess is this is why I can’t reach via the web browser. Note this is the domain at AWS that serves no purpose except to allow me to get the certficate. I think I properly connected it to the bitnami couchdb ip address but maybe not.
Confused why “Check response from Route 53” works.
Searched help for SERVFAIL and nothing. See attached screen shots:
Any suggestions?

Hi @jhchadwick63,

It seems the domain is not correctly configured yet. Please also be aware that DNS changes need several hours to propagate.

You can check if you DNS configuration is correctly set and propagated through the Internet using:

No server currently has the information, so please review your Route 53 config.


Andres R.

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