GCP Odoo 14: Site accesible as www.mycompany.com but Web.base.url stuck in localhost:8069

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We’re having an issue with GCP Bitnami Odoo 14. Our site is running fine in www.xxx.com but web.base.url is stuck in localhost:8069

This is a problem to send emails with links such as password reset and more, as they are directed to localhost:8069/…
Also OAuth try to redirect to localhost:8069/… and google don’t recognize it.

If we freeze we.base.url to our site, the links are directed correctly www.xxx.com/…, but Google OAuth redirects to localhost:8069/… And doesnt work.

Any suggestions, is this related to Odoo or GCP?

Hi @cesar_v,

Thanks for using Bitnami. Can you check with the Odoo developers or the OAuth plugin for more information on how to update it? Find below the link to the official Odoo forums


Even if we don’t use the OAuth. The web.base.url doesn’t sync.
We have created another odoo 14 instance and it is the same.

We have an odoo 11 created 1 year ago that does sync to the url of the site.

Any clue on how to make it sync?

Hi @cesar_v,

Unfortunately, I don’t have much experience on using Odoo, can you help me to better understand and reproduce your issue? Can you give me detailed steps on how to update the domain name and how to set the web.base.url value?

Apart from that, I found this thread in the Odoo forums that I think may be of help for you