GCP: Apache Solr index persistence in Google Cloud Storage

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I’m considering running a SolrCloud instance using Bitnami in GCP. However, there are a few key requirements I want to consider before deciding on using Bitnami’s solutions. Here are the following questions I’d love to get some insights on:

  1. I’d like to be able to persist my Solr index files in Google Cloud Storage (GCS). This is easily achievable in Google’s own Dataproc SOLR component, which uses a HDFS and GCS connector to persist index files in a GCS bucket. Is it possible to set up a managed cluster with the same configuration which would allow me to persist my indexes in GCS?

  2. SolrCloud or standalone Solr instance? Does the bitnami stack include Apache Zookeeper for SolrCloud deployments? How is high availability managed by Bitnami’s solution?

  3. How well does Bitnami’s solution offer autoscaling? Is it a self-managed auto-scaling policy in terms of usage? How configurable is it?

Thank you for your patience. I haven’t used Bitnami’s solutions yet, so I’d like to get some insights around these issues before making a decision. Thank you very much.


Hi @bitnahian,

We offer Apache solr in a single tier, you can use the image to create a multi-site, but we don’t support it.

This solution doesn’t have apache Zookeeper.


HI @Ibone
Thank you for your reply.

  • Any insights on the index data persisting in GCS or would I have to manage that myself?
  • How about autoscaling?

Thanks again.


Hi @bitnahian,

We don’t have guides about that, Please note that Bitnami packages and configures already existing applications. However, we can only offer support and help on basic and most frequent application configurations. Always based on the default configuration or on our guides.

We have some solutions with that but no, in this case, you could check the documentation of google about that https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/autoscaler/


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