Ftp is not same with ssh terminal

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So i have custom directory in wp-content/uploads/ called ‘allimgs’ where my client uploads their bulk image and we use it to display the image in client side.

The problem is when we use the terminal to access, or even use folder manager plugin, we see ‘allimgs’ directory, but not in ftp. Same happens the other way too. If we create a directory in FTP, then nothing shows up in the terminal or folder plugin (no fail message. Directory creates just fine). I double-checked the IP address and it is the same IP. We even use the same key file to log in to FTP and terminal. SFTP username is also bitnami and editing directory, uploading does not fail. So I don’t think it’s a permission issue.

What am I missing here?

Hi @milez770,

Are you following these steps to upload files using SFTP?



Hi @michiel,

I am using .cer key provided by AWS IAM console.
Should I use ppk key from bitnami instead of AWS IAM key?

Hi @milez770,

You need to use the AWS key pair you created, which by default is in PEM format (you can convert it to PPK using Putty), and you should use bitnami as the user as described in the guide.


Then I think I am doing everything right, and having this issue.
I am using .cer which is from ec2 key file (PEM).
I am using this key with bitnami username to login to SFTP.

As I described, I can access, create, and delete directories and files on SFTP just fine (or at least it seems to be)
It just doesn’t actually update the ec2 server.

Hi @milez770,

Can you name a few directories and files you created so I can check the bndiagnostic data?


As I was screenshotting aws cli and ftp, I noticed directory path was not exactly the same.
and this was the problem.

When I accessed through cli, ~/ was the default directory(which is /home/bitnami) while,
when accessed through FTP, default directory would be /bitnami (which was set by me. My mistake.)

But it is confusing to have 2 directories with almost same content. I thought 2 were connected (like shortcut), since they had exact same content. Is there a reason for this?

and there is also

Hi @milez770,

The ‘/bitnami’ contains data that need to be persisted like “mariadb/data” when using a container solution. In “/opt/bitnami” we use symlinks to the “/bitnami” folder:

bitnami@ip-172-31-24-20:~$ ls -la /opt/bitnami/mariadb/data
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 21 Sep 14 19:36 /opt/bitnami/mariadb/data -> /bitnami/mariadb/data

In this case you are using a VM but for consistency we use the same folder structure across all solutions.