Fresh install Redmine won't start

Keywords: Redmine - Installers - Technical issue - Upgrade

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  • on a windows 2016 server instance
  • download and run bitnami-redmine-5.0.0-1-windows-x64-installer.exe
  • click through the warnings about “Problems running the post-install step”
  • try go to site. Its not available, and manager-windows tools shows that Thin_redmine and Thin_redmine2 servers are down
  • try to restart all. They fail
  • try to view log at C:\Bitnami\redmine-5.0.0-1\apps\redmine\htdocs\log. There is no log
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Hi @delany,

I’ve not been able to reproduce the issue on Windows Server 2016. Can you reproduce it on more than one machine? Could you give more details about the machine’s available resources?


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