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We have an issue with our instance becoming unavailable on an almost daily basis. Restarting all services resumes normal operation, but only until the following day.

I have read through the Apache error log, PHP-FPM error log and the MariaDB error log there seem to be a couple of items flagging up.

Firstly, we were reaching max_children on FPM. I had increased this in the .conf file, but this had no effect. I have just learned (by delving into the filesystem manually) that there is another file, memory.conf, which seemed to be overriding my custom parameters. I have updated the settings in here to see if that helps us at all.

MariaDB is complaining that it is running out of disk space. This was true — we had the website configured with All-in-One WP Migration to back up to Google drive as well as the nightly snapshot. This was exhausting our total disk so has since been disabled.

Memory was close to being exhausted too, so I have created a swap to help alleviate some of the pressure on the memory. The diagnostics tool still reports that we are low on memory though.

We are looking for suggestions of where to look, or what we can change to improve our uptime on this instance. For clarity, we have a few Lightsail instances running and this is the only one that we are having downtime issues with.

Hi @ethan1878,

I recommend asking in the official WordPress forum. The following guides can also be useful:


Hi @michiel

Thanks for your response. I’ll take a look at those guides, thank you for sharing them.

It’s worth me noting though that this website was moved from a cPanel server with less available resource and although it ran slower and was generally less responsive, it never went down.


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