Form Captcha disabled because GD or FreeType extension is missing

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I am using Mailpoet in Wordpress on AWS Cloud. The default captcha can not be enabled with this error message: “Built-in captcha (default) (disabled because GD or FreeType extension is missing).” What do I need to do to get the Mailpoet default captcha working?

I am not a developer, so please provide front-end or plugin-based solutions. My website is

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Unfortunately it’s not supported for the current PHP version. We are working on adding support for Freetype to PHP 7.4 soon. We will let you know when we fix it. However, when the new version is released you would need to launch it and migrate your website there to use it.


Thank you, Michiel,
Can you provide an ETA for Freetype support?

Also, I don’t understand this comment, “when the new version is released you would need to launch it and migrate your website there to use it.” .

Will you provide step-by-step instructions on how to get access to the upgrade that includes FreeType?

Thank you, so much for your reply.


I can’t give you an exact date but it will be in the next few weeks.

You can launch a new Bitnami WordPress instance in AWS which will have the latest version.


Hello Michael,
Is the Bitnami update that includes Freetype available yet?

If not, when and how will we (users) be notified?



Yes, Freetype support has been added in the latest version.


Hello Michael,
I am a little confused by the instructions on the link you shared ( Are you saying that I need to completely reinstall? On a new instance?

I thought I could get the new Bitnami version (with upgraded PHP) by doing a snapshot and restoring it to a new instance. It didn’t work. The default Mailpoet captcha is still not available. In will attempt to reinstall.

I know how to spin up an instance and get access to Bitnami. Here are questions I need answers to:

  • What is the best export tool for my current (running) website?

  • If I export and then import into the new instance, will it overwrite the new version of Bitnami?

  • At what point do I apply the bncert security tool – before or after I import the old site to the new instance?

  • At what point should I apply a static IP – before or after I run the bncert-tool?

Also, can you provide instructions for Lightsail and not EC2?

Thank you,


No, the update is not automatically done. You will need to deploy a new instance and migrate your data from the current instance to the new one

No, it will only overwrite the data the application uses, not the WordPress version.

Whenever you want. The import/export guide only modifies the WordPress’ data, not the Apache’s certificates.

Before running the bncert and when your domain points to the new instance.

The instructions to migrate the data are the same in both platforms. However, the latest version of WordPress is not available in the Lightsail platform yet, the Lightsail team will need to update the platform with the new version. In the meantime, you can run these commands in a new instance to download and install the latest version of WordPress

cd /tmp
sudo /opt/bitnami/ stop
sudo rm -rf /opt/bitnami
curl -LJO
chmod +x ./
sudo ./ --prefix /opt/bitnami --apache_mpm_mode event --enable_phpfpm 1 --enable_pagespeed 1 --logrotate_install 1 --monit_install 1

Happy to help!

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