First login Failed

I just deployed roundcube on GAE and I don’t know how to procede to do my fist login. They shared a temporary password but I don’t know if there is a default admin mail account already created. How do I proceed to create mail accounts on it or to do my fist login? I got others instructions “Admin user: Use a GMail account by default”. But any attempt I made to use my gmail account failed as well.

Hi @patricknasc,

Could you please check this article? It should solve your problems. Please don’t hesitate to write us back if you found anything unclear.

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David Gonzalez

Hi @dgonzalez, thanks for your attention! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to proceed till now. I have no idea of which gmail account I should use. I did some tests trying to login with my own gmail account but I couldn’t succeed. I also tried the password they shared as well, but with no success. I need to know if there is an admin default account, or which gmail account should I use.

Hi @patricknasc,

Please check this troubleshooting guide from Google. Confirm if it works. If it does, we will improve the wiki article.

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David Gonzalez

I’m facing the same problem either. I just finished the Roundcube deployment and and cannot log in. I had read the trouble shooting guide, but it doesn’t work. I had tried account ONLY and account@domain name, both them were not worked.

Hello @ylmean,

RoundCube is supposed to be an interface for your standard email account. Have you tried using your usual gmail account?

I had the same issue in the past and the link that dgonzalez sent did the trick for me. I had to enable less-secure apps and visit the page to unlock the captcha. After doing that, I was able to log in to RoundCube with my usual gmail account.

I hope it helps


I just setup RoundCube in AWS and was trying lo login

Although I turned on Allow Less Secure APP in my google account, still I can not login. I tried same password and also login to my account.

Is there any issue with gmail ?


to access to your RoundCube in AWS you should follow this guide:

Note that the username/password are not related to Google account. Once logged in you can configure your email preferences, but to login, you should use another username/password.

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Carlos R. Hernández

its always the same with your apps. Its so simple to provide the user name and password, why do you have to make it so complex.

Im using aws, in the aws console i see that the username is ‘Use a Gmail account by default’

What a pathetic username. Of course people are going to get confused and try to user their actual gmail account.

So, im assuming the username is really ‘Use a Gmail account by default’ with the password shown in the file.

But it does not work.

I am able to ssh into the box.

in your documentation video you show the username is “user” which contradicts the other information. Why not just make it bitnami?

i dont understand how you manage to do the one thing we needs everytime we deploy one of your images.

Hi @mbalsam,

RoundCube is a SMTP client so you need to use your email account to log in to the app. It’s configured by default with the Gmail configuration, that’s why we say “Use a Gmail account by default”. You need to use your Gmail username and password to log in to the app. If you want to use any other SMTP provider, please change the configuration

We show that password because we also configure a database and you need a password to access it.

We will review this