Extremely high AWS data transfer since last stack upgrade

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Since we migrated to the 5.8.1-20 wordpress multisite, our AWS bill has been going overboard with “regional data transfer - in/out/between EC2 AZs or using elastic IPs or ELB”. This month we did 12,486.826 GB costing around $125.

before using our prior stack we have 0GB. Something in this config is causing a high level of constant incoming traffic to the public IP of the server.

Any ideas?

Hello @dev8,

Did you start checking those changes just after the migration? Where did you migrate from?

Also, could you take a look at this documentation?



So we’ve checked cloudflare and they cannot see any of the traffic. There also does not appear to be any DDoS happening so that is ruled out. Looks like a config issue or something specific to this version is creating large amount of traffic.

We’ve been told a configuration difference on that host might mean that traffic is using the elastic IP of the server instead of local AWS IP of the EC2 instance. This causing the traffic to to out and back in again.

The only difference is the bitnami stack versions. Which were migrated (however we had a number of issues during migration due to the differences in stack). The issues were with the different DB/Config locations and also path changes for files/folders.

The time when this started is the exact same day as the migration. The migration was just another EC2 within the same AWS VPC. As we normally do to push AWS stack updates. (copy parts of the /opt/bitnami/wordpress etc)

Hi @dev8,

We use a new directory structure (now the files are inside the /opt/bitnami/wordpress directory instead of the old /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/htdocs) but the configuration is the same (we only moved MySQL to MariaDB). You should check if there is a plugin/theme that is causing those problems. If you migrated your data, you also upgraded the WordPress, PHP and database versions and there may be a bug in that plugin/theme and the new versions. Please check that and contact the WordPress support team to investigate this further.

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