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Hi All, I installed eXoPlatform 4.0.6 from bitnami to my local system but found out that email sending doesn’t work.
I tried opening the wiki and edited the setenv-customize.sh in installdir as the wiki suggested. After that I uncomment the particular line.

I restart the server as usual but found out that the system is broken and that tomcat cannot be started. It repeatedly shows “Your app is not available” in localhost/portal

I tried rollbacking the changes I had on setenv-customize.sh with comment function and the app started normally

Anybody can help? Sorry for putting it anew in general since I did not found other threads with eXo Platform as the topic. Other threads uses different product.

Bona Fide,

Hello @zorin_wiseputra.

How have you configured the SMTP? Could you please paste here the code snippet related to your credentials hiding the sensible information?

Also “Your app is not available” message is displayed when the app is starting or there is some problem.

You can check the tomcat log to see if there some problem. It is located under installdir/apache-tomcat/logs/catalina.out

Hope this helps.



Problem Solved. I use configuration in official documentation of eXo Platform:


It nailed the spot. Now am already able to send email notifications if I make an event or two

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Thanks for posting your solution

Yes. You’re welcome. You may try yourself and update the wiki as the above information

Another thing actually:

The email notification went smoothly for event creations, but not when users are created or when one user mentions another.

I’m afraid those are the features for 4.1 edition? when will Bitnami publish the edition?

Hello! Ive run in to the same problems. I cannot seem til get the outgoing mail to work at all. Any tips? Just installed this great product yesterday but this is driving me insane. And that solution didnt work for me since i do not have a configuration.properties file.

Hi @tobiaserikssonglad,

Did you install eXoPlatform in a local computer or in a cloud vendor? Some cloud vendors, like Google Cloud Platform, blocks all SMTP ports.
Did you take a look at this guide we created?

Hope it helps.


Hello,our install is local. And it contains the correct information with servers and port numbers. Cant really find the problem. Keeps telling me in exo that it cant send mail when booking a meeting in the calendar etc.

And theres no file called that in that folder. Only setenv.sh. In that i tried to follow your example with no luck,.

Hi @tobiaserikssonglad,

We are able to access installation_directory\apps\exoplatform\scripts\setenv-customize.sh. Did the installation finish successfully?
Also, which paths are you checking in (to be sure that you’re not confusing it with installation_directory\scripts?

You are very right. Was looking in the wrong spot. Sorry for being a total newbie but can you give me some sort of headsup on how to write the mail snippet? Example from the manual confuses me as Ive only worked with php before.

Meaning, how do I find my configuration path?

Hi @tobiaserikssonglad,

We created a guide for this. An example would be the following:


Details will vary depending on which email server you are hosted.

Don’t forget to restart your server after modifying the file.


Since eXo Platform 4.1.0, the email configuration is done inside installdir/apps/exoplatform/gatein/conf/exo.properties, c.f. http://docs.exoplatform.com/PLF41/PLFAdminGuide.Configuration.OutgoingMailService.html. The wiki page should be updated. Thank you.


Hi @trang,

thank you for the information. We are going to update it.